Saturday, June 28, 2008

This Blog Won Second Place

Yes! It was a while ago when the author of the blog The Composed Gentleman announced and confirmed to me that this blog, Tiklaton, won Second Place in the very recent The Filipino Blog of the Week Contest, Week 114.

I am greatly honored from the very start when he chosed this blog to be one of the nominees for the said competition. To tell you, that was the very first time this blog was nominated for a contest. I was so thankful for that.

Anyway, since the voting for Week 114 is officially over, I would like to thank all my friends from all over the world who voted for this blog. I really appreciate your valuable time and effort just to visit here and vote for me.

Since one of the rules of the mentioned competition states that who ever from the past week nominees got a slot in the Top 5 shall remain competing for the next week, I am ONCE AGAIN nominated for week 115!Now if you think this blog deserves the title of the contest, please do VOTE for this blog, TIKLATON.

Voting is ONCE everyday so just feel free to visit the Coordinator's Blog or this blog to nominate. Please leave a message in my chatbox (right side of this blog) after you have voted so I can thank you!

Here's the form. Vote for TIKLATON.

Thanks Pollhost

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