Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Have Switched

I Have Switched
I've been using Internet Explorer from the very start when I first learned how use a computer and the internet. I don't know. I was attached to it for almost seven years and that's maybe because that's the default browser for almost all the computers that I've used before.

I can still remember during my high school days when I was so addicted to the Internet because of Friendster and all this stuffs, I did really complain on one of the attendant on one of the Internet cafe's I've hanged out before for not having the browser that I'm used to - the Internet Explorer. And so I have no choice at that time but to use Opera, another browser.

Even though I was always challenged by many factors regarding my choice to idolize IE, I really never abandoned the browser that I consider InternetMate!

But during this past days, I've encountered a lot of bugs on my new updated Internet Explorer. It loads slower than the usual speed, it makes my computer hang every time I open a website such as this blog, the tabbing features sucks since sometimes it's not responding and the worst of all, it often closed automatically and makes me irritated. I have sent error reports to Microsoft but as we all know, the corporation only updates their browser for about every four years or make that loooong four years!

And so because of those stated situation and problems, I decided to switch to Mozilla Firefox Browser 3! Wohhow! Now, my blog loads faster and most importantly, I can see already the badge from IZEA Inc. displaying my RealRank! Also, presently I am having no problems with bugs on this far! And OH I remember, Firefox only claims a small size of your hard disks and that's 23.98 MB only in my computer. Another thing is, Mozilla Firefox is an open-source browser meaning it's FREE and you can do something to or improve it as long as it's approved by the developers! See? It's amazing isn't it?! Now I realize there are still free stuffs in this expensive world right now.

I'm for Firefox now, my new InternetMate!

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  1. korek ka jan bro. ako rin i'm using firefox since last yr pa. pag uwi ni hubby. it is much easier to use. pwede p daming tab sa isang window :)