Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Mom and Dad's 22nd Year Anniversary!

I arrived home late today and noticed a different aura in our house. While I was changing my clothes and checking my e-mail, my sister called me for our dinner. Surprisingly, I was very much amazed in the scene I found in our dining table! It has fruit salad, "adobong baboy" and etc.

Out of curiosity, I asked my sister what's the occasion. My sister wasn't answering because her mouth was filled with goodies my mother served and so my younger brother answered me. "Anniversary!", he said.
OOOWwwwhhh..(that was a big one!). And so I ask my mother what's the day today but she just answered me with a smile so I looked at our calendar and realize it was, June 18! I gave my mother a sweet smile and a soft greeting and she again replied me with a smile!

While eating, I teased my mother for being one of the very common "June's Bride!" LOL! My other siblings laughed about that too! :) Moving on, I also asked my mother how long have they've been together before marriage. And she whispered, "six years!". Wow! That was tough I thought! My father was indeed very patient, faithful and "honest." So all in all I thought, they were together for 26 years now! Wooh, that was long and I am just happy about it.

The dinner ended with me wishing they can still celebrate their Silver Anniversary or perhaps even better if they can go all the way to GOLD!

...Wait, I forgot to mention about my father, where is he? LOL, he wasn't there when we had our dinner! He was with my other sister and they went to my cousin's house to welcome her home from abroad. But it wasn't a big deal for us. They did arrive not too late to celebrate my MOM and DAD's 22nd year together as a couple!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad! It would be great to be with your soul mate for that long!

    p/s: came over from SS.. nice blog! :)

  2. That is something... 26 years!! Happy Anniv sa parents mo! :D

  3. Yah! I am just happy about thier anniversary thing! :)