Friday, May 16, 2008


Summer is always hot, hot and hot! It's pretty irritating to have dry skin, sun burn and headache in this season. Because of that, after our very recent fiesta celebration, me and my relatives decided to refresh in a place that we call here, TIMOGA! Actually, Timoga is just the name of the location of the place not really the name of the exact hangout but the people here are already used to call it that we will call it Timoga - period.

In there, you will be able to refresh yourself with thier different kinds and sizes of swimming pools filled with natural spring water (I'm not talking about that bottled water..LOL). Yah, the waters are so cold and cascades really from the top of the mountains through the pipes and then through the swimming pools that will surely make you forget the "truth" about summmer.

I took some pictures. Take a look.

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