Friday, May 16, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

I am a newbie in blogging. At first, I just want only to make a blog so I can tell the world stories and things in my mind. I just want only share the things I really like. And that's it! At first, I wasn't aware that I can monetize my blog only until I surf other blogs and saw different kinds of ads and links and stuffs they put in there sidebar. I was curious at first on what are the purpose of this links.

And so I start reading the links! And yeah, I was surprised of all the things I just knew! I learned that I can make money just by writing the things I love and taking oppurtunities that will make money in an easy and very simple way.

While I was visiting my friend's blog, I saw the link of PayPerPost. The title itself really interests me so I followed the link. At first, after reading some of the text written in there website, I was hesistant to sign up because I thought PPP was difficult. But then when I made up my mind the other day, I started to sign up in PPP. Gladly, I realized after signing up that the PPP site is very user friendly. One thing I love about PPP is that there features are so easy and clear making it an advantage to the new bloggers like me!

Now I am making this first post for PPP and already spread the good news of PPP to my friends!

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