Saturday, May 17, 2008

Are They Gay?

The picture you see above is one of the most famous boy band in Korea! Yeah, they are one of those boys, singing, dancing and making videos that will surely quake the girls' world! These boys are becoming one of the most famous here in Asia. They have 13, yes, unlike other boy bands that has only 4 -5 members, this group has 13 young guys whose ages ranging from 19 - 24.

My classmates and other friends also are following these band. They, I mean, WE, watch their videos during overnights or sleepovers the night before an major exam. One friend told me that everytime she watches these boys performing, her energy becomes stable again and she is able to study well! Wohoo!

And so, thinking that my "other" friends will like these boys, I posted their pictures in the forums I joined! And hell yeah, most..I mean 90% of the comments in my post introducing these boys says that these boys are GAY!

How come they were so sure about that?

In my own opinion, these boys just look like gay because they are so white, they are so soft ( I mean they speak this way! ) and they like to make "pa-cute" in the cameras and fans! And that's their obligations, right? To look good and be appreciated!

Now I'm asking my blogger friends now, in your own opinion, ARE THEY GAY?

Try to watch their videos here:

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