Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out of the Mundane

Just for the sake of those who still don't know, I own four active blogs. All blogs come with different topics. Meaning, it's a general and personal blog that talks about anything. I love to write about many things so why focus on one topic right? LOL.

So today, I'm gonna share with you one of my blogs. It's called Out of the Mundane. I got the name from my photographer friend. Some time during our college days, she joined this photo contest and made "Out of the Mundane" as the title of her photo set. I thought it was a good idea because the subjects were mundane stuffs. So I thought why not make a blog out of this name? So I did. Tadah! :))

My Out of the Mundane blog is three years old now! Hehe. Hope you can drop by. Here

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