Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Online Job

For over seven months now, I am working for online boss and helping him do some SEO and graphic stuffs for his website. I can never ask for more when it comes to the way he treats me as his employee. He is so good in handling his employees and very detailed on giving instructions and tasks. For him to monitor my progress and the things that I am doing, he actually use this Key logger software. For those people who are not familiar with this kind of software, a key logger is actually a piece of software that allows you to monitor or keep track whatever is happening on your computer or in a remote computer. This computer monitoring software is a very useful tool for those employers who are hiring online workers.

I am very happy with my online job now. Somehow, I can already buy the things that I want and give my family some little things that they want. Not just that, because of my online job, I learn more how to do comprehensive online research; learn more about some software like the anti spyware and anti virus software. Now, I learn to appreciate more the online world, the online terms and other things because of my online job!

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