Friday, October 29, 2010

Look Good. Feel Good.

Let's be honest. Women really have to spend just a few minutes or maybe even a few second to judge themselves in front of the mirror.

Reality bites that a big factor when working is your CLOTHES.Your working clothes projects an image of how serious you are with your job, or what your job is all about.

For women that are doctors or nurses out there, I came across a great site called "Blue Sky scrubs", which offers you a closet-full of scrubs to choose from! Their scrubs are available in sets, tops only, or pants only.

If you're a simple type of person, why not opt for the Simple scrub set. These scrubs don't have a stitch of design on the pockets. You can just tie the solid white tie of your pants at your waist. The top's tapered fit is identical to the Original scrub tops, but it doesn't have any detailed stitch on the pockets of the shirt. This scrub set will surely give you that solid, crisp, and professional look and feel.

If you're the fun type of person, then Blue Sky scrubs offers you over fifteen different solid colors examples of which are the classic surgical green scrubs, pink, chocolate, lilac, and navy blue. Plus you can choose from a line of scrub caps with eye-catching designs.

Not decided yet? Don't worry, if you're in a tight budget you can also check their discounted scrubs.

Finally to complete your ensemble, check out their one of a kind signature blue sky lab white coat. They have custom milled their fabric to give the coat the features of being wrinkle-resistant, teflon-protected, 100% cotton, perfect trim, and the signature slate gray piping. It's cut will make you look slim and chic. Aside from looking best, the coat carries plenty of pockets which allows storage for your necessities like papers, pens, and stethoscopes.

Now, you better think twice when you look at yourself in the mirror because you'll work with more confidence when you look good and feel good.

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