Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cheap Car Insurance

I know it’s kinda late but I just want to tell you guys that I really had a great weekend. I am just late in posting this since I still got a lot of things to finish yesterday and forgot to write something here. Anyway, here I am today and is very excited to share to you what happened.

So it was Saturday when my friend Jenn and Eddel called me for a roadtrip. It was already 7PM when they called but I still chose to go with them because I know it would be fun. Eddel brought her car with her and off we go to the places we did not plan to go to.

There was a clear Saturday night sky smiling for us. We were so glad that the weather cooperated. While on out way to a club, I asked Eddel if she got a car insurance for her new toy yet because I read there are already lots of great car insurance offers today like that of cheap car insurance NC. I visited their site and was able to read a lot of good feedbacks from that company. I know from the very start they are on of the best when it comes to car insurance. So, I told Eddel that car insurance is perfect for anybody and I think a must-have thing for anyone who has cars because you’ll never know what tomorrow holds. Eddel responded confidently that she already applied for one.

Our Saturday night was full of fun. Everyone was so happy especially when our friend Paul and Sanrae joined us for a whole night of partying and clubbing. To be honest, we were not totally drunk. I don’t want that. We just danced all night on different clubs here in my place. I really had a great time.

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