Friday, September 10, 2010

Cheap Airport Transfers

I spent my weekend the other week on one of the most beautiful and peaceful resorts near my place. I needed that weekend getaway after a long stressful week. It was also my friend’s 22nd birthday so everything was just in time and perfect.

We took a package for that weekend getaway. My friends and I usually do this to be able to save more and with this, there is no more hassle dealing with the payments. All we have to do is enjoy and just have some fun.

Included in the package is the airport transfer. The good thing is, the resort owns a lot of shuttle that picked us up from the airport to the resort and vice versa. I know there are already many companies today that are providing this kind of airport transfer service. I know one and they call themselves Shuttle Direct.

Shuttle Direct is one of today’s leading airport transfer service provider. They offer pre-bookable airport transfer at a very low price. You can save more when you check out their website and book. You can visit them today if you want.

Having a vacation will turn out to be very great if there are no troubles along the way. Be sure to prepare everything before flying! Have a great weekend.

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