Friday, July 16, 2010

Wordpress 101

For two years now, I've been using Blogger as my blogging platform. On that span of time, everything about blogging and setting up a blog to me is smooth and fine. I don't hate Blogger. In fact, I am really thankful it's because Blogger, my old friend, has become my companion in making money online. Yes, literally speaking, because of Blogger, I was able to pay my tuition fee, pay my sister's tuition fee and a lot more. I am very thankful.

Moving on, now I realized I must not stick to Blogger alone. I must learn other blogging platform if I really want to succeed on this field. There are other also famous, also comprehensive and also useful blogging platform and one of those is Wordpress.

Everyone is talking about this Wordpresss thing. My friend introduced this blogging platform to me when I was starting my blogging career. Back then, I chose Blogger over Wordpress because I love the word "Blogger" rather than "Wordpress." I thought the first word was more appealing.

So now my friends, I want you all to know that I am learning and exploring Wordpress. I even bought one domain name just to make sure I can practice the Wordpress platform and familiarize all its functions. I am enjoying the flow. I will update you next time about this.

P.S. I am not switching all my blogs to Wordpress. I am just adding more blogs powered by this blogging platform. Hello Wordpress!

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  1. I find that wordpress is a bit more complicated to set up, and definitely for advanced users, but if you have been on blogger for this long, then it should be no problem to expand your blogging.