Saturday, October 24, 2009

Charter High Speed Sweepstakes


Happy Saturday my friends! I know most of you are already familiar with Charter, right? The one responsible and continues to outpace their industry in creative and newsworthy contests from giving away an HDTV every day to Xbox 360s to a Hybrid Car last year. I’ve been telling you also about them in this blog for some time now so I am sure you will be very happy if I will tell you the new good news from them!

Guys, did you know that Charter is having a contest again? Now for this time, it is not just a contest but a BIG contest with BIG prizes and surprises. The “High Speed” Camaro Sweepstakes will surely blow your mind because they are giving away the hard to get 426 hp 2010 Camaro 2SS with sales tax included in the prize, perfect for those who love to speed up anywhere and anytime! Not just that, you can also get a $100 gift card when you buy 3 Charter services, $50 gift card for 2 services, and $25 gift card when you buy 1 Charter service and gift cards are from major retailers in clothing, home and accessories, restaurants and more! This contest runs from September 15 through November 26 at noon.

To know more about this contest, just simply visit to register today and to view the complete rules, specifications on the Camaro and more. You can also check out Charter on Facebook and Charter on Twitter for more updates.


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