Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Las Vegas Fantasy Football Superdraft 2009

Wooaah! Now I know where is the place to be this coming August for my younger brother’s birthday. He will be celebrating his birthday on that month and for over a week now, I keep on searching where will I bring him for a big surprise. Now I just found that place and me and him along with his other friends will be coming to Las Vegas Fantasy Football Superdraft !

Even when we were young, we always see to it that we never miss the games of our all-time favorite football team. Now that we are a bit older, we also never fail to go to some special events related to football like the fantasy football held on some other states. So for this year, we will be coming to Vegas on August 27th- 30th for the Fantasy Football Superdraft. We really like this kind of event because we get to know other football fanatics and we thought that is really good for us. We meet new people who’s interest is the same with us. That’s really cool! So with that, maybe I think we’ll stay at Hard Rock hotel to rock our fantasy football experience while we are there at Vegas. That is sure to be a lot of fun!

So now, I am calling all my football buddies out there to book now because when you will come on this event, you will not just enjoy the fantasy football but you also get the chance to see the performances from FLO RIDA & George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelic! See you there.


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