Thursday, June 25, 2009

You’re the 1, Goldilocks

I am a happy person and I am living a happy life. Adding to my happiness are those golden memories I had with Goldilocks.

One memory I had with Goldilocks that I will never forget is when my dad went home one night with a classic pandesal from Goldilocks in his one hand feeling so sorry for what he have done. There was a time when my father had this other woman and it did break our family’s heart after we knew it. Personally, I thought it’s just easy to handle it because I already saw this kind of story on TV but I was wrong. There’s this heavy feeling in my heart and I just can’t explain it. I can always remember also when I am at school during those days, I really try my best to fool myself that our family is okay and that I have nothing to worry about, but when I come home, those weird feeling of loneliness and pain came always rushing into my inner soul. At one moment, I start to hate my father and promise myself to go with my mom if ever they will separate. But good Lord, he did not let that happen. My father went home as I said one night and realized about his mistakes and promised he will now be a good father. My mom, my inspiration with a good heart, forgave papa. We ate the pandesal he brought and it was one of the moooooost memorable moments/ eating sessions of my life. I went to my room and cried and thank God for helping our family to be whole again!

Is my father proving it now at this very moment that he is a good father? Yes of course, my dad is a taxi/jeepney driver and I can see his hard work under the heat of the sun just to give us what we need. From the school fees, our daily allowance and more, he give us all that with the help of my mom also. At this time of my life, I realized I was wrong for hating my father during those days when we had his mistakes. Now as I see him struggling to earn everyday for the whole family, and now that I graduated already, I thought I need to do well with my life and help my parents and my siblings!

As a thank you to my father for all those years he gave his best efforts for the family to survive, last Father’s day June 21, my siblings and I went to the city to buy him a special HAWAIIAN ROLL from Goldilocks. Here are some of our pictures spent with my father!

 Closeup shot on this very tasty Goldilocks Hawaiian Roll

This is my father.

This is the whole family. My younger brother is taking the picture hehe.

Indeed, you’re the 1 Goldilocks, because you shared with us your great PANDESAL during our family struggle and battle to be whole and complete again!


  1. you have proved that you are indeed the greatest dad in the world.

  2. The best dad in the world you have, be happy and be blessed.

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  3. Nice story you got there Marky boi. With all these photos, I can say that you are so lucky to have your Papa back.

    You should win the Goldilocks contest. Good luck!


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  4. Daog na ni...!! woohoo.... nice story here btw. Yeah, you're lucky and congrats nalang daan hehe...