Friday, May 15, 2009

A Sign

Late afternoon the other day, I was outside our house sitting on a bench under our mango tree when I noticed the very bright orange color of the sunset. The sky was actually colored and I thought it was an amazing scene to see. Indigo and Orange-red were the most dominant. So I took out my camera and got that picture above (not that clear though) and thought of something really important. I realized when I was looking at this image in my computer that our place is really polluted already or affected with air pollution. I just remembered what my Natural Science professor once told us about a beautiful and colored sky during sunset. She emphasized before that whenever we see this kind if image, it simply means the air in that specific place is polluted and that smogs and the sun are the ones making the sky to color.

I hope we can all reflect what we've all done to our mother Earth by simply looking on this kind of picture. Good day everyone!

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