Wednesday, April 15, 2009

San Antonio Plumbing Service

Yesterday, we celebrated my sister's debut party here in our house. Her classmates came and so mine too. The party started around 7PM with a prayer and then we all ate. Yesterday's event wasn't the ordinary and the usual debut where in there are cotillion dancers, people wearing formal wear and all that. My sister's debut party is like the ordinary birthday party. Our family doesn't want to spend a lot because we still have to send my other siblings to private school this June so we wanted to save.

So moving on, while we were eating one of our neighbors helped my mom is washing the dishes. Some Filipinos are like that actually, we always help. Hehe. So while they were washing the dishes, our sink clogged up. It became a problem actually at that time because there are still a lot of dishes to wash. My mom called my dad and asked him to fix it. My dad tried but did not succeed. How we wish we could call a plumber during that time of the night. Tsk tsk... How I wish we had plumber like that of San Antonio plumber.

But in the end, the party went well and I think all the guests went home full, happy and contented.

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