Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's 2009!


Hehehe. It's official! It's January 1, 2009 here in my place! I just woke up from last night's or should I say, last dawn's party with my relatives. The party was great! The party was so memorable! First we ate in our respective houses and welcomed the new year with a loud sound. We lit our fireworks and we enjoyed watching it. After that we went to our dining area to pray and thank Lord for giving us that fruitful 2008 and for letting us reach 2009! We asked for guidance and more blessings. God is really great.

So after we ate, we then headed off to my grandmother's house to gather there and have some party! Yippee.. Hahaha! Foods again...disco...and red wines...and smiles. It was truly amazing!

I hope you all enjoyed and would enjoy your countdown and experience to 2009! Happy new year!

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