Friday, December 19, 2008

Got a Wish for Christmas?

What was your wildest wish you want to receive from Santa when you were young? Did he give it to you? Hehehe. Of course all of us have wishes in our hearts and I have mine too.

When I was young? I kept on looking at some kids at the mall and wondered why they lined up just to sit at the lap of the big red guy. At that time, it wasn't really clear to me why those kids, with the same age as mine have those happy smiles while lining up until my mom told me about this. So right then on after she told me, I wanted to line up to. Unfortunately, since at that time, my mom can't afford to pay for that great sit on Santa's lap thing experience, I wasn't able to have that chance to sit on Santa's lap and asked for a gift.

Now, I am already 20 and I still want to experience sitting at Santa's lap. I know this is funny but it's true. Hahaha. But of course, I already knew the fact that I can't do that anymore and so I am thankful to CEIVA Digital Photo Frame found at for granting this simple wish. For your information, it is a Christmas website that will grant that wish of ours to sit at Santa's lap by simply uploading our non-sense images to their site and then after some few seconds, they will transform it so that you and Santa will be together in a single photo! I tried it and have a video of it and sent it to my friends. LOL. So what are you waiting for? Grab that chance to sit at Santa's lap again and grab that chance to win 500 USD by simply submitting that photo! If you got a wish like mine, visit Santa in his website today!


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