Thursday, December 18, 2008

Felt Sorry for Lherny

I hit our dog today and I was really sorry for her. We love Lherny so much and I can't afford to lose her. Late this afternoon, I was really mad because one of my computer chords was lost. My siblings and I were looking for it but still we are not successful and we did not find it. We'll I am really mad and got irritated and went out of the house near our dog house where Lherny was lying. A cat passed in Lherny's house making her bark so much. After hearing her bark, I was kinda irritated so I threw a piece of wood at her. The dog shouted and I was shocked to see a little cut in her lower right eye. I still thank God that I did not hit her straight in the eyes. I was really sorry for Lherny. I was really sad seeing her facing me in a not-fully-opened right eye. I know she got hurt so I comforted her. I felt so stupid for hurting our dog. I was indeed really crazy! I am so sorry our dear dog.

Right I think Lherny is okay. I look and comfort her every minute just to make sure she is not suffering that much. Right now I can hear her bark actively again and I am really happy for that. Promise Lherny I will not hurt you again. I am so sorry.

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