Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tiklaton Has More Than 100 Subscribers!

Hehehe. I can't believe it. This blog Tiklaton has gained more than a hundred subscribers. I checked my number of subscribers through a widget powered by FeedBurner and was shocked with what I saw. I really did not imagine at first that this blog has captured the interest of some readers all over the world. Hehehe. I can't believe that writing just your personal experiences and other simple things that you love will become a great interest for some people.

I know 100 is way less than those big website that has over a thousand subscribers but I am still happy about it. I believe this 100 is very happy reading my posts since I do it as best as I could and as personal as possible. Most of all, I really want this blog to be simple and understandable as possible that's why maybe the list of subscribers has reached over a hundred.

Guys, who ever you are, from the bottom of my heart, I really thank you for reading whatever I write here. Hehe. I hope in my simple ways, I can help you and affect your life in any way. Thank you sooo much!

**To my followers also, thank you very much too! Thanks for keeping an eye on my blog! LOL.
**Let me just point out that the subscriber's numbe isn't constant. Sometimes it goes down and sometimes it increases.
**Still, thank you so much!

So if you want to subscribe, just hit HERE.

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