Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Christmas Tree is Up

Yesterday, our whole family went to the city to buy a new Christmas Tree along with our new Christmas decorations. I decided to buy some new decors because my dad threw our old ones a month ago.

We leave the house around 11am and went directly to the mall. Luckily, we immediately found what we were looking for - a Christmas tree that we thought looks great and elegant. Hehehe. So with that, we bought this new 7-ft. Christmas Tree. LOL. The Christmas Tree costs....hhhmm... secret! Haahaha but one thing is for sure, the money I used to buy this one is from a part of my blogging income! Weeii... Haha. I earned a lot lately so I am very thankful to God. Actually this Christmas Tree is lighting, I mean there's this stuff that almost looks like a fiber optic that is attached to all its end. We also bought some Christmas balls and all those Christmas lights for our house. After the Christmas Tree decoration, here's the final product! Hahaha! Happy Christmas


  1. wow very guys did a great job decorating your guys xmas tree. watching you guys make me want to put up my xmas tree. wink*

  2. Wow! Nice team work! You've made a masterpiece for this christmas.

  3. it's really amazing how christmas keeps family ties intact amidst economic challenges.

    great work with your siblings!