Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Money From My Stuffs

I woke up early this morning and heard my father already shouting. Oftentimes, he usually wakes us up with his loud voice commanding us to clean our messy room. I was a bit irritated when I got up considering that I slept late last night and I thought I needed more hours to sleep.

One major thing why my father is angry again is that, he saw all our rooms in a World War III scenario! LOL. My father really doesn't like that kind of scenes. He often reminds us to keep our stuffs in cabinet and our own boxes so the whole house will not be messy. So with that, I am considering selling on eBay some of my stuffs to maybe free my room from unused and useless stuffs. I might consider selling some of it to maybe earn some extra bucks for Christmas so I can give something to my mother and siblings and also to my father. I know this would be very easy and I am really excited about it. In that case, my room will look as if it's new and most important is, my father will be very happy to see that my room will shine, clean and clear!



  1. Hehehe,
    your father is like my mom..
    selling your stuff on ebay could be a great idea..

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