Monday, November 3, 2008

Early Christmas Shopping

I went to the mall yesterday together with my relatives. We were strolling around to see the new displays of christmas items such as for decorations and gifts. It was so nice to see that many people are already buying some christmas decoratins to add some colors in their homes. We continued walking around and found big Christmas trees displayed. I can also hear some Christmas carols being played over the stereo in the mall. I really felt that it's almost Christmas! Weiii..

So actually, we did not bought something yesterday. My relatives and I were just looking around and to take advantag of the cool temperature at the mall. LOL. Our plan was not to buy this early, instead we will do it at the last week of the present month! Adding to that fact is that, I still didn't receive my income from blogging lately. My plan is to save more so I can have more on this holiday season. : )

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