Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Funny Morning For Me

LOL. It was 7:00 AM when I woke up this morning, an hour late from my usual waking time. I think I woke up late because I slept late last night. Have to finish some school stuffs that is suppose to be due today but unfortunately extended tomorrow. Gass...uRgh... I worked hard for that project to be submitted today but the deadline was extended making me think that the efforts I gave last night was not that anymore very significant. moving on, I woke up late today and guess what? WHAT? My mom went to my room and called me. She told me to get up because she said.. the opportunities are waiting! LOL. I can't believe my mother just woke me up just to say that the opportunities or tasks for my blogs are waiting! She also added that the early bird catches the early worm! Hahaha. Mom...

Haha. I find it really funny. That was really weird. My mother don't usually do this until she knew that I've improved my PR in my other blog that's why I got some great opps. But it's okay. I love blogging anyway and I love earning...for them...for my family...and for my tuition fee for next semester! Hahahahaha! Happy life.

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