Thursday, October 23, 2008

After The Celebration...

..I am now really tired! Hehehe.

The whole house is quiet now and all the visitors already went home. The sound components are turned off and the kitchen is empty. The party is over. My father is now sleeping and I know he is very happy on his birthday.

I am here again, facing my computer so update you a little about this stuffs that happened to me on this very busy day. Actually, before this night of eating and all that, we went to the city in a fast forward mode because some of our visitors were coming and we haven't prepared foods yet. Together with my sisters and my mother, we bought some ready-to-eat foods such as pansit guisado, lechon manok, cakes and many others that we usually see in a birthday party. Of course we bought some candles in the form of 45 so my father can blow it after we'll sing the "happy birthday" song...the very usual. LOL. After the fast forwarding mode, we then arrived home and hurriedly prepared the food and other stuffs. After about 30 minutes, I think, we ate. Wehehe. Then the party started. Videoke... videoke and all that and more! Hahaha. This day as been really great and memorable! Thank you Lord God.

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