Saturday, September 6, 2008

Second Batch of Earnings!

I just arrived home from the city together with my family and aunt. I am tired now but not really that much. I just want to share what happened to me on this day.

It started with me, attending our major Saturday class in a room where there is no proper lightnings and air (i mean coming from the e-fan) because there's a brownout. Of course me having these defective eyes, wasn't able to see well what was written on the board and wasn't able to digest well what was taught. I do have my eye glasses, but unfortunately, I can't used it since last week because it was busted! There's a part of it that was broken because of my carelessness. Anyway, yes and so after that class (that was 9:00AM to 12:00noon), I again attended my other major class. That time I think it was better. Our professor just met us for I think 10 mins and after that together with some classmates, we head on to UnionBank to withdraw my "second batch" of earnings from blogging. Of course I don't want my money to be wasted, I just withdrew an enough amount just enough for the four of us to eat a good lunch. Again, I can't say how much was added to my EON account. Hehehehe. But I tell you, it't bigger that before (1st batch)! Just a little help and idea, I earn a lot from Social Spark, SponsoredReviews, PayPerPost and iHype. Of course there are still some paying sites but I just earn a little from them.

Moving on, so together with my classmates, we ate our lunch and we were full (very much). It was my treat. My classmates went home and said "thank you" to me for the good lunch I gave them. After that, I texted whole family to meet me at the mall here in our place. Then, they arrived after around 15mins. We stroll around that mall and buy them something from the money I earned from blogging. I know and I believe it was the best thing to do - Not just to treat my friends, but MOST especially my family! We were walking around the mall for about 3 hours. We were so tired then and headed on to the Mang Inasal where we ate our dinner and of course, I was the one who paid the foods, Hehehe! Definitely, I still have my "good amount" of savings in my bank account for emergency cases and for future use! *wink!

And so, I thank my online friend ate Joy for always be there whenever I need her! Thanks ate!
To ate Carlota of course this blog and my other blog's lay-out.
To you all for always checking this blog!

Now, my advice to those who want to earn big....

Work harder!
Do blog hopping (I do it everyday)!
Utilize WWW! (such as, StumbleUpon, Entrecard and etc...)
..and just pray! ! ! ! and "fishes" will come out at SS, PPP and more! Hehehe!

Hapy Blogging!

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