Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Experience with Google Chrome

Of course we certainly heard about this new open-source application from Google. A lot has been written about this new browser that I think would somehow compete to the two battling browsers, FireFox and IE, so what I will tell and share to you on this post is my total experience with this new browser.

I've been a Google user ever since (even though they haven't give my a PR yet..Hehehe) I started using or accessing the Internet and so I was happy that my favorite BIG company released this open-source browser to be put in a test for all Internet users all over the world. Of course since I am curious about this one (yes, you are too, I know), I downloaded it from Google Chrome page. Ooppss, before I forget, before I downloaded it, I watched a video first explaining the story behind Chrome. Here's the video:

After knowing all those stuffs mentioned by those eye-glassed people, well I proceeded and downloaded Chrome. Well, when I clicked download, it then started and I was able to download the application package in I think that was 5-10 seconds. And then, I double-clicked the application and the installation process started. I waited for about a minute until my new browser (adding to my FF and IE) finished downloading. I started using it.

As we all know, Google is always concern with speed right? And so I must tell you that their Chrome was into this standard. Yes, Chrome is really fast. I tried opening different pages in 20 tabs and it was still really fast. The pages that take time too load in my FF and IE is now very fast when I started using Chrome. Of course, when I refreshed SS and PPP,'s now fast! Wow! Well I should tell you that I am still adjusting on this new browser. The entire look of it and the entire functionality, I am still exploring. I know there are still imperfections (for some) on this browser, but I know, since this is an open-source application, in the coming months and years, this browser can definitely top FF and IE! As we all know, nothing is impossible with Google! Hehehe!

You? Have you tried Google Chrome already? There's no harm in trying!

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