Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Me and My Aching Shoulder

Yesterday I was tired. Today I'm in pain.

I woke early today to prepare for my 7:30AM computer laboratory class. Actually, ironing my clothes to be worn on that day is one of the first part of my daily routine. I do it for how many years now. Yah, and so I ironed my clothes early this morning. All was well until I finished ironing my t-shirt. It was sudden. I felt a prickling pain in my left shoulder. I am not sure if this is some kind of a muscle pain but I am so sure of my agony. As matter of fact, as I am writing this post, I am supporting my left hand in the part of my desk where my keyboard is located. Yah, I can still move, I mean, my left hand can still move but I don't want to do it every now and then because it hurts me. Huhuhu.'s aching again. Can you tell me some cure of this?

Anyway, despite that, I am still happy because I got a copy (a soft copy) now of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. Yah, I know the event was finished few weeks ago but to tell you, I really want to see it in a video. I've seen it on pictures but seeing those images move in reality would be a best scene. I don't know where my classmate got that (I got my copy from my classmate) but all I know is that, the file is more or less 2Gb! I had it burned in a DVD-R so I can watch it in my DVD player together with my family in the living room eating some peanuts. Hehehe. Thanks to my classmate and to the WWW where they downloaded it for proviing me a copy. Hehehehe. I will watch it tonight.

I hope everybody is doing well! I hope my shoulder pain will be gone later! Huhuhu.
Happy blogging.

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