Monday, September 1, 2008

A Massage From Mom

It's been a couple of months already since I started blogging and I can really say that I've been over stressed by all these blog hopping, maintaining this blog, visiting the blog of my online friends, catching fishes and etc.! Wohhoo! Everyday, I am always having this back and head pain that really make me become weak (but not really) and tired. So with that, I was so happy when I got the chance to let my mom massage me a while ago. Luckily, she really massaged me at the back! Hehehehe! Thanks mom.

In line with that, I just want to remind, which I suppose you already knew, the great benefits of massage, one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy to relieve pain, relax, stimulate, and tone the body. Here are just some:

5.Eases tension, stiffness, and pain.
6.Improves breathing.
7.Improves circulation.
8.Enhances well-being.

Massage has the potential to restore the individual physically, mentally and spiritually, so be sure to have that massage as often as it is advised to help you with your over-all wellness!


  1. I love massages..
    every month ngpapamasahe talaga ako..our body needs it..lalo na sa mga bloggers..hehehe..
    happy tuesday!

  2. how i wish i could like down and relax like that :D