Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Expressing Her Innocence

Hi everybody! How's your tuesday so far? Anyway, mine is great. Hope yours too.

Okay, in this post you will know one of my wackiest nieces. Actually, this niece of mine is quite special for me since she is my cousin's daughter and she's my first niece in my mother side's relatives. So here she is:

Ashley Samantha
As you can clearly see, I chose that picture to display since I want you all to see how she oftentimes make unusual reactions that you won't believe a 2-year old can do! Here are more of here.
Hehhe.. I hope you enjoyed it! Happy day! Happy blogging.


  1. Cute kid...she's only 2? she looks 4 years old to me ;)

  2. What a poser! hehehe
    she's very cute!
    She'll be a camwhore when she grows up.