Monday, August 11, 2008

This Has Been A Great Day!

Wow! I can't believe how this day turned out to be one of the best days of my life. No, I'm not exaggerating, actually that's a fact. Hehehe. I am really happy and keep on smiling now especially when I immediately the things that make this day exciting, funny, blessed and most of all memorable.

I woke up early this morning despite the fact that I slept late last night. I don't know. Maybe it became my routine to wake up early since everyday I have a class at 7:30. And oh, first lucky thing is, my professor has to attend a seminar on that time of the day, 7:30 AM, so meaning I did not went to school early today! Wohooo! And after washing my face, I then turned on my computer and signed in to my favorite websites SocialSpark and PayPerPost to check if there are available opportunities for me to write about! And GOODNESS of all, I was really happy to see an open opportunity in PPP so I reserved it! The very very good thing is, that opp offers big amount of money for a review of only 50 words! Another blessing, thanks Lord! Of course since I like my review to be as comprehensive as possible, instead of 50 words, it actually went up to 250 words! Fair enough for the BIG amount of dollars that the advertiser offered. I wrote about that software application, submitted my post and now praying that it will be approved!

Now, moving on, after lunch, I decided to cal the customer service of UnionBank so I can have my 4-Digit PayPal code. And luckily after redialing and redialing their telephone number, an agent finally talked to me and eventually gave my 4-digit PayPal code. To all of my friends who are asking where to get their PayPal code, just call the Customer Service of UnionBank if you are using EON. The numbers are located at the back of your card. Don't worry, it's Toll Free! Good Luck!

And so moving on again and still counting the blessings from God, I was really glad that SocialSpark gave me the opportunity to write about topics related to flirting! Wohho! I really like Opps that are close to reality like the one they gave me! Lucky! And just now, I again reserved another Opp from SS! Lucky again!

I am sure there are still lots of blessing that God gave me today! I just can't enumerate all of those so I'll just thank HIM for everything!

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  1. it's in the email account, mark. they mail it to you there.