Friday, August 8, 2008

Thank God It's 08.08.08

 Today is August 8, 2008 or simply 08.08.08! Some said that number "8" is lucky since it is only the number that does not go down. And I believe that even though "8" is not my favorite number.

In the news yesterday, it was said there that most couples will choose this very day to get married since eight looks like that of the symbol of infinity, which means forever. Most couples would believe that they'll be together forever as long as that "eight" loops forever!

Other businessmen open a new business on this kind of dates. Where there is eight, they always believe that it would help bring the good luck on their business. Cool.

No matter what 888 brings to our lives and no matter how and what we believe, there is only one thing that is definite enough and that is  WE ARE MAKING OUR OWN DESTINY and THE CHOICES WE MAKE BUILDS OUR OWN PERSONALITY that would have a great impact in our own selves, to the people that surrounds us and the society!

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. I hope our athletes in the 2008 olympics will get lucky this time :] 888!
    btw, nice new look! basta c madam carlota na gani..bow jud ko!

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