Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some Opening Ceremony Fireworks Were Faked?

Did you watch the amazing and magical opening ceremony of this year's Olympics in Beijing last Friday? Did you find yourself really fascinated by the colorful fireworks China has displayed over the skies on that day? Well, I have something interesting to tell you. Those fireworks you saw, I mean some of those were actually faked or to make it clear, some of those fireworks were actually computer generated. Wait. Before you raise your eyebrows let me just tell you that it's not necessarily as bad as you think.

Actually, the fake fireworks were set-off at the stadium, but because of potential dangers in filming the display live from a helicopter, viewers at home were shown a pre-recorded, computer-generated shot. It sounds dishonest, but I'm not sure it's such a terrible thing. Also, let me just tell you that this issue is still on debate over the Internet with the people all over the world. It's not yet proven - period.

For me, the fireworks faking if it was true, were not a big deal at all. I don't know, maybe I just considered the Olympic Opening as one performance and any performance like movies has its own secrets to make it more interesting and to entertain more the audience.

Congrats to China for giving us a wonderful display!

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  1. well, i guess it is not so bad...but it was a wonderful presentation, it was hard to tell whether it was real or fake. good job! :)

  2. i felt bad about it coz it made the image of china worst when it comes to "fake" stuff. haiiii. it's still dishonesty. i know that fireworks display can be computer generated but for big crowd like that if not the whole world spectating it - the spectators deserve the truth. but all in all, the displays can't be denied that it was indeed beautiful. it will just make one think that "what if it was not fake, will it be as beautiful as that?"

    good day and more blessings!