Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paying Bills is a Nightmare

In my whole 20 years living in this planet, I never thought that paying bills is one of the most unfriendly situation I can ever encounter! Actually before I am not thinking of this stuff since I have my parents who will take charge fro all of this. But now, it's different! My mother told me that I should also pay one-half of the telephone and Internet fee because, as what she said..."Mark you are already earning with your blog! You should pay too because right now I don't have enough money to cover all our liabilities!" WWhhhhaaattt? Hehehhe. Right then on, I realized that whenever I am earning, even for a small amount everyday through blogging, I should also help my parents pay our bills! Not bad since our Internet connection payment is not that big! Hehehe..and perhaps, I am the one who is ALWAYS using the connection so I am obliged to pay! LOL. So much for this...I'll start making money now so I can pay!

Happy life!


  1. I think its nice thing to do help some of your earning to pay the bills.
    Good boy! so proud of you-:)


  2. na mark! Me and my bro are paying for the internet for the past 3 months! gave some money for my dad for his medicine... hehhe.. lisod diay naa na wawart kay apil pud sa bayad! :D