Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Little Journey To Share

I went to the city a while ago with my younger brother and my mother. We first went to this mall which I think isn't that famous so I'll not just mention it (LOL). We shop a little bit and looked at some RTWs that might catch our attention and maybe bought it. My younger brother went up first in the second floor of the building and as soon as me and my mother reached the said story of the building, my younger brother was already showing me this polo shirt accented with stripes of dark green ( and white with a tribal decoration of dark brown. It's just a simple and cheap shirt so I'll not just show it here! Hehehehe! I found that polo shirt really cool so I decided to take it to the counter. My younger brother now really knows my taste! Hehehe!

And so then we hopped to some parts of the city and continued our afternoon journey. Lastly, we stopped over into the newly opened Gaisano City here in my place. We again went to some RTW stores and stalls. I bought my brother a pair of Islander Slippers..ehehehehe. There are still a LOT of things that happened but I can't enumerate them all here (LOL). The over-all journey was okay! Happy day!

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