Monday, August 11, 2008

It's a Rainy Day!

I woke up a while ago and felt the cool breeze of the morning air. I can really still feel that strange cold wind still from last night and up to this very moment.

I just arrived home today running after riding a public vehicle since the rain is already gently pouring smoothly and about pour really hard. Since I have no umbrella, I got slightly wet but it's okay. It could never cause me that much harm! And so now I understand why I felt those cold winds still from last night!

Right now, I am sitting again in front of my computer and exploring my favorite websites for possible opportunities. I can clearly hear that wonderful sound of the raindrops hitting our rooftop and can still feel the cold wind embracing all over me (..yeah..that 'cold' wind again).

So, I'll just greet you a Happy Morning straight from the Philippines!

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