Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is Iligan Safe Now?

As what I've told you in the past days, our class was suspended for two days (the other day and yesterday) because of that Lanao del Norte commotion and the believed unsafe condition of Iligan city, the nearest city of the terrorized municipalities. Right now, I heard over the radio that today August 21 (Philippines time) all classes will be back to normal. Our mayor announced it yesterday after assuring the Iliganon (people of Iligan) that the military and the PNP are in full force protecting the whole city against those unwelcomed visitors. However, some schools including those private grade schools will still suspend their classes until this Friday to assure 100% safety. Also, some schools here in Iligan city where evacuees from the neighboring municipalities stay, are still not going to have their classes. With regards to my school, MSU-IIT, hhmm well classes will be normal today despite the threat that MSU-IIT will be the first school in Iligan city that was said to be bombed. Because of that, tight security was imposed in our school for almost one week now. Bags were inspected, cars and all the things and people that go inside our school.

Now, with me, I will still not go to school today not because I am afraid that my school can't still protect me but because we texted our professors last night and asked if they'll hold our class today. The replied with a sweet NO, so we were so happy! At least not just for our safety but for the benefit also for those lazy students (like me...ahahaha)! I will just stay here today and blog! Hahahaha!

Happy blogging and good morning straight from the Philippines!


  1. I just hope problem happening in Lanao will cease soon, otherwise, there will always be suspension of classes which will greatly affect the studies of the students especially those graduating this school year, sayang naman.

    Happy Thursday my friend!