Friday, August 15, 2008

I Just Received My First Earnings!

Yipee! Hahahaha! I was bored a while ago and so I decided to blog hop for a while to answer ALL and reciprocate the visit of my visitors. I think that was about 15 Minutes of bloghopping since it's been two days now that I wasn't able to visit back my visitors! Gladly, I just finished it not so long ago.

And so after that, I decided to check my UnionBank Account or I should say EON Cyber Account to see if the money I earned from SocialSpark, PayPerPost and "others" is already there and ready to pick up. I logged in. And BoooOOoOmmm! Hahahaha! I almost fell off my chair (exaggeration) when I saw that my Account Balance raised to some sort of "cool" amount (I can't say how much I earned....for a particular period). Hehehhe. Yes! YEs! YEs! I can't believe it! It's really there! Hahaha! I am so happy! I should go to the city later to pick up the money from ATM and I think a dinner with my family will be the best thing to do first! Happy blogging everyone!


  1. Congratulations :)......ha ha....nice to earn money and get a free treat for your family :)

  2. Congrats. thanks for dropping by bonoriau.

  3. Question: Where do u get most of the earnings from? Adsense does not seem to amount to much... any tips?

  4. padayn higala kay makakwarta ka ug dako sa ppp...

  5. Enjoy earning! A dinner treat to a family is the nicest thing to do. You're such a good boy talaga. So proud of you. Keep it up.