Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Badly Need a Flash Disk

I used to have my Transcend Flash Disk before. Unfortunately, it's busted now! Grrr...! I tried to fix it for many times already but I really can't fix it anymore and I don't know if I could still heal it. Anyway, because of that, I am having some small trouble now. I need to submit the soft copy of my report later at 5:00 PM and the bad thing is, I can't find any removable storage device now! I am alone in the house and my brother and sisters brought thei flash disks....! God! Hehehehe.

I really don't know what to do now! Hhhmmm...wait....Eheehe... I think I have a solution now. I'll just upload or save it in my e-mail as draft and BooM! Hehehe..I'll just get it when I'll go to school! HEhehe! I think that would be okay! HEhehe!

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