Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Helping Mom

I woke up early today to help my mom do some daily routines like cooking food, waking up my brother and any other things that most moms do every morning. Actually, it wasn't my intention to woke up early but I just did because I heard the loud voice of my mother waking up my brother in the other room. He used to do that every morning because my brother has a 6:00 AM class! Yes! That is soooo early. My brother is still in his first year in high school and considering that schedule, I know he will become so stressed out when he will reach in his senior year (just like me before..Hehehe).

And so, as I was saying, I helped my mom with all the early morning preparations and of course while refreshing PAYPERPOST and SOCIALSPARK! Hehehe! Since my mother was fast in cooking delicious foods, my brother was able to went out of the house 5:30 AM, just enough that he'll not be late for his six o'clock class. After helping my brother, I then faced again my computer to chat a bit with my online ate, ATE JOY! HEhehehe! Hello ate joy!

And so around six AM, my mother prepared herself also to meet again her students in this very wonderful day and while me getting ready also fo my 7:30 AM class!

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