Sunday, August 24, 2008

Freakin' Irritated


I am really irritated today. It started when I got home form the city together with my family. We had our lunch at Mang Inasal fastfood. And so when I finished changing my clothes, I then turned on the computer (as usual) to drop my EC to 300 blogs. It has been part of my daily routine since the day I started appreciating the purpose of Entrecard. And so, I was so excited. I opened my Entrecard account and immediately went to my drops inbox. I clicked 5 EC cards there and started my dropping session. Just then on, I slowly observed that all that 5 blogs loads really slow, when in fact it is not the usual speed I experienced everyday! I waited and still I knew that it wasn't normal. I saw their widgets and dropped my card. And GGgrrrr... when I clicked DROP, I think it took 5 seconds or MORE before it will say THANKS or GO GO or AWESOME and what so ever. That really made my irritated. Despite that, I still continued my dropping session and in all blogs, it's still the same! Freak! And so after my patience was gone and empty (huh? Hehe), I closed all the tabs and all my FireFox window! I stopped it and wasn't able to finish my 300 drops. I had my afternoon nap to relax for a while and to maybe release the madness I felt at that time! Gggrrr! I slept and....ZZZzzzz.

When I woke up around..just a while ago, I was again excited to logged in to my EC account. Definitely went to my drops inbox and started again. And..... FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!! Nothing's changed! The Internet connection was still really SSSSSLLLOOOOoooooowww...

And FYI, as I am writing this post, I am also waiting for these 5 blogs to load a 100% so I can see their widgets! A simple request to friends, please put your widgets at the top of your page so your visitors can immediately see it and more drops will be coming to your inboxes! This will not just benefit ME (Hehehe) but also YOU!

Ok. I think the 5 blogs were ready so I'll stop this now and publish this post. I just hope this will not take 5 damn minutes to be published (exaggeration! Hehehe).

Happy blogging.


  1. at least i'm not alone. hahaha.

    Hey- I will try later tonight if not siguro sometimes this coming week kung OK lang.

    open na ang blogs? hehehe

  2. i tried to drop 300 too but have no power when i get home from work. hahaha. kung dili busy ako co-worker siya ang mo drops. kay naa man gud siya full access sa internet kami wala tawon :-(

  3. Yes, i have noticed the same thing.
    People while they have the right to place what they want wherever on their site; seem to put their EC widget towards the bottom of their page.

    This makes the widget hard to find and also no one goes looking for something on a web site that is hard to find unless you really need it. In my opinion the widget should be in the top half of the site.

  4. Boy do I know that fruckin feeling.. It's happening still. it's late I may have to drop ec's a work tomorrow... OH NO!!!

  5. your right atleast 3x this week we experienced that delay another thing is in the evening of those times no internet pa :(