Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finally Solved a Rubik's Cube!

Hahahaha! It was yesterday when I continued practicing all the algorithms in solving a Rubik's cube. I had my interest on this unique mind game when almost all of my classmates and relatives are trying to learn about this. Of course, since I don't wanna be left behind, I started practicing also. It's been a month already I think or three weeks since I started practicing it with the help of my cousins and friends. The first times were horrible! I really can't get all sides arranged in its proper colors. I even sometimes destroy my brother's cube because of my tight grip and eagerness to solve it faster.

And so, so much of that history because all that I wanted to say is that: I FINALLY SOLVED a RUBIK'S CUBE! Yahooo! (I mean GOOOOGLE! ...Hehehehe). I used my cousin's BIG cube (I should have post some pictures of it so you can see how big it was). During that thrilling part of twisting and transferring of colors and all that, I luckily remembered and figured out the easy way to solve it. And so I solved it! I was so happy! After that, I was still not convinced enough if I could really now solve that colorful cube, so I disarranged the color and solved it again. I started twisting and arranging the colors the second time around. It was quiet (because I am just alone..hehehe) and I was really focused on that moment. After some couple of minutes (can't really say how slow or fast it was), POooOof! I successfully solved the cube again!

Now, I can say that I can already solve a Rubik's cube all alone. But oopppss! I am not yet confident. There are still times that I get confused and still my fingers aren't faster enough to solve it in a short time! Maybe I could make work of that soon!

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  1. hi.. I have solved mine many times. But through mere luck. I'm having difficulty putting the squares in the right positions. :)