Saturday, August 16, 2008

Diet-Breaking Foods

I was browsing the Internet a while ago and then directed to a page that talks about some worst fair, amusement park and carnival foods that might break our diet! Oh no! Little did we know, while we are trying to be careful on what we eat, there are these ordinary foods that has a silent and secret effects on us! Get to know them below.

Funnel Cakes  Everyone loves the taste of deep-fried dough, but the average funnel cake has roughly 760 calories and 44g fat! AHHHHHHHHH! You're WAY better off eating a deep-fried Snickers bar, and that's saying something (though we certainly don't recommend THAT either).

Corn Dogs  Oh, the convenience (and sheer excitement) of food on a stick! But what's the cost of just one cornmeal-coated pup? Roughly 375 calories and 21g fat! If it's food on a stick we're seeking, we'll stick with Tootsie Pops (only 60 calories each!).

Frozen Lemonade  Seems so innocent and refreshing, but the stats on this sugary stuff might make you cry. A 16-oz. serving contains 280 calories and 63g of sugar. We say you wait 'til you get home and then whip up one of our 30-calorie swaps.

French Fries  You know you're going to burn some calories walking around, but unless you're taking fast-paced laps around the park, 500 calories and 25g fat aren't worth it for a measly 6 ounces of fries.

Peanut-Coated Caramel Apple  It may seem like a good idea at the core (get it?!), but this is one rotten apple! Chomp on one of these things and you're looking at around 400 calories and 10g fat. That's just nuts.

And oh btw, recently, Disney and Universal Studios parks launched campaigns to cut trans fats from concession foods and provide better-for-you alternatives for their customers! Cool! I just hope "others" will follow and do the same!

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  1. Crap! How I love french fries and corn dogs! And I'm wondering why I'm not losing an ounce of fat! LOL!

    Anyways, all these bad habits have gotta stop. Wish me luck! :)