Saturday, August 9, 2008

The BIG Class Was Postponed

Suppose to be, I'll be attending a "BIG" class a while ago. BTW, my professor consider that as BIG class since suppose to be, she will be combining the two blocks or sections of the senior IT students in my school. Of course that includes my sections. Now, she wants it that way because in the earlier weeks, she gave different chapters to be reported for each block. To make it clear, let's just say, our professor gave all the Chapter 1 topics to the other section and she gave ours Chapter 2. So with the big class idea, she said that representatives from other sections must discuss their assigned chapter and so with us, representatives from my section must discuss Chapter 2. In this way, both sections can save time learning both Chapters because of this so-called, BIG Class..hhmm.

I was one of the assigned representatives in our section (LOL..why?). I prepared my presentation and all that last night because I don't want eggs to be thrown at me on that event! Hahaha! I was kinda prepared and all was well and smooth. I thought I can deliver the topic the way my professor wants it to.

Luckily (should I say that), there was power interruption in my school a while ago. We then went to the department's office to inquire whether or not the big class will still push through. Hoya! My professor told us that she will be postponing that class since we can't find any current source that is very important for us to deliver our reports! Hahaha! And so we went home gleefully and smiling soooo wide knowing that we have again escaped from the boredom of classes! While going home, I thought I must improve more my presentation and so be able to get high grades!

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