Friday, July 4, 2008

Viddiction: A Video Uploading Site with a Twist

A lot of us really find a happy time shooting our own wackiest videos and uploading it in a Video Uploading site. In this way, we always believe that this is the easiest way to tell the world what we feel, tell the world what we like and shout to the world who we are.

Now, sad to admit that whenever we share our own and original videos in the existing Video Uploading sites, we never benefit from it monetarily. We are never given the chance to earn cash on the video that make that sites running and making it popular. So now why not switch to a new Video Uploading site?

To give you a cool idea fresh start, there's this NEW Video Uploading Site with a twist where you can earn cash for videos you make. Yes! You read it right. Viddiction.Com gives us all the chance to submit and compete your videos with the other user's video in the site. This is a regular monthly competition where you can win $50-$500!

The competition so simple, here's a quick guide.

1.) Upload your videos
2.) Promote your videos
3.) Earn a Popularity Point with each view
4.) They total up your Popularity Points at the end of the month.
5.) Win the prize!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the site now and start creating your videos that will surely rock the world!

Sponsored by Viddiction

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