Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pimp Your Bling Gnome


Enter into the world of Dungeon Runners jam-packed with realm of magic, exciting adventures and giant icky monsters that would surely excite you! This 3D fantasy world is getting even better with the new helper gnomes that would help your character picking up the gold that are dropped in the ground. Auto-magically, this little gangster will do the running around to take a golden squat.

Bling Gnome in Dungeon Runners can help players save time. As what I've observed during playing this game, this little and very friendly creatures can even heap your characters up by producing amazing items the very same time they produce gold from the items you don’t need and the items you picked up. The bigger chance of pooping out an ultra-powerful item is when your character picks up items at once. They always keep following around to ensure and give you the assistance you need. Cool!

Make your travel to the unknown. Be a hero and explore richly detailed dungeons, battle ferocious monsters and discover incredible weapons, artifacts and loot. So if you want a new and different kind of adventure set in a 3D world, hurry and get up there and get your own free copy of Dungeon Runners!

And look at my Invented Bear Bling Gnome!

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