Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our University's 40th Year

The formal opening of our Charter Day celebration of Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology last week started with a flag raising ceremony that was attended by the leaders of the school and the respective deans of each colleges. Of course, the deans of each of the college proudly raised their respective banners or flags.

An exciting motorcade then followed bringing the energetic students and faculties to the streets of Iligan riding on their own float and cars. The whole city was blanketed by RED colors since almost all of the participants wore something red. The motorcade lasted for almost 30 to 45 minutes. It was so hot but still all participants were gleefully waving their smiles to the people they saw on streets. Of course I also joined the motorcade. LOL.

Proudly saying, our Executive Council did really a great job for making our very unique SCS WOLVES Float! I mean, this is the first and the only year so far that our college/school has its own big float. Take a look at our cute wolf.

Very nice isn't it? At first I really wondered and was confused if that was a WOLF or a MOUSE. But as I look at it a little longer, I have already totally convinved myself that it is really a Wolf! Bahahaha!

And so moving on, after the motorcade, different competitions and special events happened on that day. Also, prior to that day, there were already games and other activities done. Meaning, our charter day celebration is really a WEEK full of excitement and of course HOLIDAYS! Hahaha.

As I was saying after the motorcade, my friends brought out their cameras and CLICK..CLICK..CLICK! Take a look at the mighty students of MSU-IIT under the banner of the great WOLF of the School of Computer Studies (SCS).

The Fresh Faces of Freshmen

The Sophomores

Junior Power

Unbeatable Seniors

All IT People

(All students of every year level are not complete during the pictorial..HEhehe)

And so the whole charter day event was indeed very memorable.


  1. wow 40 years, congrats! ^^
    it looks like a wolf naman eh esp the teeth! :D

    btw, got a tag for you. hope you do this one. here it is...

  2. Hey..thanks for the add..I have you on my blogroll...Great blog by the way..! keep it up! Cheers..

  3. Ohh MSUans ka pala. My beloved alma matter. Missed it so much! I wish I could go back to school lol..

  4. ako I wish to finish school! Bwahaha!

  5. Marky extend my regards sa nyo guapo na teacher kana naa sa tunga (Sir Cabido) just tell her nang regards c Agnes Antone..His one of my close prof. during my time there :D