Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Immortality or Freedom: Which Would You Choose?


The most interesting abilities of mortals living in this complex world is to create and drive their own big adventure. These mind's powerful ability to choose a virtual world where in they define their own acts and decisions to live that invented haven packed with challenges and maybe success after a great battle.

Into this modern civilization, there are still creative people who are giving us the adventures we never thought we could experience. A journey filled with actions and twists that would surely bring our wackiest imagination to its greater height. Christof Laputka, the writer/producer of the Leviathan Chronicles is just one of those.

Leviathan Chronicles is an audio adventure bringing your unique and creative imagination back to those wonder of a time filled in the gaps of a purely aural experience. It is an exciting Science Fiction adventure story in episodic podcast episodes driving you to a location where you define.

The first episode entitled Evil Undertow will bring you six years ago to the empty stretch of an ocean together with a highly advanced Chinese submarine, Hei Ten Shi with a mission to deliver an otherworldly cargo to the deepest part of the Earth's ocean, the Marianas Trench. Unfortunately, the Chinese submarine accidentally suffers damage while maneuvering its way to the trench and so sinking rapidly to over 21,000 feet also to avoid engagement with the patrolling American submarine, USS Dakota. The cargo of the Chinese submarine then "activates" causing both submarines to have massive system failures. A great adventure then follows when USS Dakota launches its torpedoes destroying a large part of the Hei Ten Shi.

I personally listened to the audio adventure and to tell you, it was amazing! To experience a new dimension of adventure you never heard before, visit The Leviathan Chronicles website for more episodes and choose whether to live immortal or free.

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