Saturday, July 26, 2008

Idol Blog '08: Week Three Results

I think the third week of Idol Blog was unpredictable. The votes of the nominees were so close to the point that we cannot really sure who will win! And so I congratulate all the nominees for participating especially to the top three. Here are the results for this week's top three.


Rank 1: Kwento ni Enday
Rank 2: Janeth Vicy's Life Journey
Rank 3: Dashing Smiles

Total Votes: 582


To the owners of the top three blogs, you can claim your respective badges on this LINK.
Be sure to read Guideline Number 8. Thank you.

To the second and third placer, your blog is still part of next week's round. :)

To other bloggers who want to submit their blogs for the contest, just read this LINK. You are all welcome to join!


  1. oi thank least naka 3rd rin. i didn't expect na manalo. i'll post it later. happy weekend Marc

  2. Hi that was really fun...At least kahit papano I have the 4th place..I think correct me if I am wrong...hehehhe